Booking terms and conditions

Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd complies with the following terms regarding ordering the accommodation services, reservations, and cancellations of ordered services. These terms and conditions will be binding on both parties when the customer has made the reservation. The person making the reservation must be of legal age.

Reservation and payment

The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment of 30% of the reservation value, and 20 € office fees by the due date. The final payment is due about 6 weeks before the beginning of the reservation. If the reservation is made later, the full payment has to be made immediately. The customer is responsible of the bank expenses and it should not be taken from the payment of the accommodation.

Exception on Christmas and New Year reservations: final payment which is due 10 weeks before the beginning of the reservation. If the reservation is cancelled later than 10 weeks before the beginning of the reservation, the full rent will be charged.

Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice if the advance or final payment is not made. The customer will receive a booking confirmation and directions to the key collection point with the invoice. The customer must present a receipt to the person handing over the keys.

Internet reservations

The customer is responsible for ensuring that he from the internet receives an invoice and booking terms and conditions when making a reservation. The reservation system will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address the customer provided when registering. The staff of Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd will not send the customer invoices, confirmations, etc., but the customer may print them from the reservation system.

Booking confirmation

If the reservation is paid for, in whole or partly, when making the reservation, the customer must ensure that he, after the payment, is returned to the confirmation page of the Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd reservation system. If the customer is not returned to the website of the vendor after payment, the reservation was not made and the reservation system will not send an e-mail confirmation about the reservation.

Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd is not responsible for failed reservation, but the customer should contact the vendor immediately to remedy the situation. Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd does not guarantee that the vacation home is still available in this situation. If the vacation home is not available, the money will be refunded, or the customer will be, as far as possible, offered another vacation home.


A cancellation must always be made in writing. The cancellation will be considered complete at the moment it has reached the booking office. The customer will be charged service fee 55 € / reservation. If the customer cancels the reservation later than 42 days before the start of the rental period, the full rent will be charged. If the cancellation is made during the rental period, the customer will not receive a refund. If the customer changes vacation homes or dates, this will be considered as a cancellation of the previous reservation and a new reservation.

Exception to cancellation policy due Covid-19 pandemic:

The following cancellation policy is valid until 30.04.2022.

Travel restrictions do not count as “Force Majeure” events/circumstances, as international travel restrictions which are due to the COVID-19 epidemic are not unforeseen. In this situation, the customer’s cancellation and no-shows will be subject to the standard booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

Possible restrictions on travelling and border crossings are not considered as unexpected due to Covid-19 pandemic. Every person travelling to Finland from another state must check for themselves the restrictions on entry into the destination country. Client is responsible to follow border crossing rules.

If there will be restrictions on border crossing (sudden total closing of border ) the client has the right to cancel the booking with 20 % cancellation fee. Cancellation must be made in writing to Pyhä-Luosto Travel.


We recommend taking travel insurance.

The right of Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd to cancel a reservation: In the case of force majeure, Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd can cancel the reservation, at which time the aim is to offer the customer a comparable accommodation. If the customer does not accept the new vacation home, he has the right to a refund of the paid rent minus a service fee of 55 €.

Staying at the vacation home and keys

The customer must notify the person handing over the key about the estimated time of arrival, 2 days before the beginning of the rental period. The accommodation is at the disposal of the customer between 4 PM on the day of arrival and 12 PM (noon) on the day of departure.

The accommodation rent does not usually include final cleaning or bed linen, they are mandatory and must be  ordered in advance from Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all vacation homes. If somebody has smoked inside the vacation home, we will charge a cleaning fee of at least 300 €. The customer is obliged to make sure that the windows are closed, the heating is on, and the doors are locked on departure. Even if cleaning after departure is ordered in advance or included in the rent, we require the vacation home to be in a normal state after living in it, that is furniture and other equipment are in their places and intact, the trash is taken out, and the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher. We are not responsible for things left in the vacation home.

The customer is obligated to pay in full for all damages caused to the accommodation (also losing the keys) or its contents to the property owner. We recommend that the customer has personal travel insurance to cover any personal damages.

The accommodation may not be used by more people than there are beds. Tenting or using a camping van or camper-trailer on the yard is strictly prohibited. You must have the permission of Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd to bring pets to the vacation home, and pets are only allowed at some vacation homes for an additional fee (normally 50 € / animal). Pet droppings must be cleaned from the yard before departure.


All complaints about the equipment and condition of the accommodation must be addressed as soon as they arise and during the vacation to Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd. If the matter is not corrected, the customer has the right to make a written complaint for further processing to Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd within a week after the end of the reservation. If the customer has not contacted us about possible faults during the vacation, he loses the right to a possible compensation. If the customer and Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd do not reach an agreement, the customer can bring the matter to the Consumer Complaint Board

Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd is not liable for any inconveniences or expenses cause to the customer by natural conditions, insects, moles, unexpected weather changes, construction in neighboring plots of land, or problems caused by a third party (such as disruptions in the supply of water, electricity, or the TV network).

Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd is not responsible for printing errors in brochures or for changes that occurred after printing. We reserve the right to change the prices.

Pyhä-Luosto Travel Ltd reserves the right to correct errors in the price information before an agreement is made.  Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged from the customer according to the current legislation.